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Healing songs I listen to for inspiration

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

10 meditative soulful-filling songs. I pour my heart into my work and especially when im editing emotional content with a deeper meaning my soul needs to be inspired. These song pull me straight back into my heart. From this state I would like to start and go through my day as I work on my images. This is just a moment in time where I relate to these songs specifically. In different times I relate to different melodies.

Audrey Sarquilla by Souls & Tales

While putting this list together I just stumbled across Hallelujah by Sam Garret & Mollie Mendoza. So one more, just because we can.

Curious to hear more? You'll find the fuller playlist 'I AM' here.

I am always looking for fresh music, please suggest any songs in the comments

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