About us



Souls & Tales is a conscious visual studio, founded by
Sarah Dienaar, who has over 10 years of experience as a producer
and creator
. We create heartfelt videos and photos for international
brands. Souls & Tales captures authentic and soulful living, telling
stories about life in all its beautiful forms.​  We show the world
what it is you believe in and represent the story behind your
brand.  Playful use of light is a powerful piece of our imagery. 



Born in the Netherlands, ​ Partly based in the tropical Bali, Indonesia.



Soul & Tales is a representation of a conscious lifestyle that we live
by.We strongly believe in building a better future for our planet and
other humans, we love working with brands that resonate with this.
Many of our imagery are set in tropical nature, close by the ocean
or in the jungle. Nature brings us back into the simplicity of just
being and the authentic self.


We are passionate about creating awareness around holistic mental
healthcare, conscious living and spirituality. It is our mission to create an
inclusive platform, expressing all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions
that your brand represents.  In true admiration of the body, we capture all
forms and shapes. Showcasing fluidity and movement, especially the
empowered female essence. 


Working with Souls & Tales means a passionate collaboration where we work
together from creating the concept until the final product. We offer both stills
and moving images - either made for social media or more in depth story
based imagery. We have a team of different kinds of  artists, all skilled in
their own unique field. From light crew to camera operators to stylists.
Each one of them brings something unique to the images.


Let's create beautiful visual stories together, please contact us through email or Instagram



“Capturing authenticity and real life is one the main starting point

in my work. I am trained as a journalist in The Netherlands, a place

that has a rich history in documentary storytelling. This has

influenced me greatly. Along the way I became more and more

interested in the art of visual representation of these stories.

When I moved to Bali everything sort of clicked. After years of

doing self development I finally integrated this search for my own

authenticity into my visual work.  I felt a deep sense of purpose. 

Brands like Nike, that create inspirational stories told by unique

ambassadors, influence me greatly. In my time off I connect mostly

with my creativity through music, bodily movement like surfing,

reading and my own human journey of finding meaning. ”

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