Package and Terms Souls & Tales


So happy to be working together! Here is an overview of my work process and terms of agreement.


Each chosen Package includes

  1. A proposal based on a first meeting between the Client and Souls & Tales.

  2. Visual content created for the specific needs of one party, the Client. Based on the accepted proposal.

  3. [photos only] The client receives a selection of photos from which the Client can choose an X amount of photos as discussed beforehand. That selection will then be edited in a high professional manner by Souls & Tales. The first selection that is sent out with watermarks is not part of the service contract and can not be used by the Client in any manner. If the client wishes to receive more photos then discussed, they can upgrade their package.

  4. Two rounds of feedback. The Client will respond within 5 days after Souls & Tales sends out the work.

  5. Souls & Tales provides [if requested] 2 versions of the content provided. One in high resolution and one for Social Media. If a client wishes to receive more versions, there will be an extra charge for this.

  6. An estimated amount of photos / length of video(s) as agreed upon. Souls & Tales does not calculate exactly this amount. Souls & Tales delivers the quantity of the content in a way that the company believes suits the Client best within a range that is agreed upon beforehand.


This is excluding

  1. The pricing that is stated in this contract does not include any RAW material. If Client wishes to receive these, there is an extra charge for this. If Client wishes to pay this, this will be added in the quotations.

  2. The Client does not get access to view the raw material, beside the selection being shown to them.


  1. Souls & Tales agrees to provide services to Client in consideration of payment provided pursuant to the terms of this photography services contract

  2. Client agrees to pay the full amount indicated in this contract in full via cash or bank transfer. The first 50% is paid on the day of the shoot. The remaining 50% is paid within one week of the completion of the services provided by Souls & Tales.

  3. Souls & Tales holds full copyright to the images resulting from this photography services contract. No rights are or will be transferred to Client without prior written consent from Souls & Tales.

  4. By agreeing with the terms the Client chooses Souls & Tales as their work partner for the specific project and agrees with the artists style of work being delivered. The client understands that the work provided is Souls & Tales artistic view, that cannot be changed.

  5. The client is not allowed to edit/change and publish the content being delivered by Souls & Tales without permission of the creator.

  6. This services contract shall be the sole agreement governing the terms of the services provided pursuant to this agreement. No other agreement, written or oral, shall be upheld or enforced